Topic: Installation

Staging Complex Art

This episode was originally posted on the Fresh Art International podcast. Today, we invite artists, curators, a media specialist, and an invigilator to talk about art that challenges the resources of traditional exhibition spaces. Their backstories reveal how building relationships—through eco-systems, architecture, choreography, media archaeology and virtual community engagement – make exceptional art encounters possible. Featured voices: Brian Sonia-Wallace, Sarah… Read more »

When Art Surrounds: Exploring the Built Environment

Anna Kunz’s recent exhibition, Color Cast, at the Hyde Park Art Center surrounded visitors in a field of color that made one feel as if they were walking between the painted gestures of a large-scale painting. Draped across the space were large swaths of material painted in yellows, pinks, and reds that swayed with the… Read more »

Tracing the Ecological and Cultural Roots of Botanical Specimens

In the 18th century Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) created a system of classification for indexing the natural world, which he presented in his work titled Systema Naturæ in 1735. Linnaean taxonomy presented three kingdoms—animal, plant, and mineral—which were then divided into classes, orders, genera, and species. This system of classification, now known as binomial… Read more »

Art on the Farm and Sea: Bringing Site-specific Work Indoors

For several weeks last June a houseboat sat nestled between multi-million dollar yachts and sailboats at Long Wharf in New York’s Sag Harbor. The 45-foot vessel strongly contrasted the look of its sleek counterparts, a haphazardly built boat with uneven wooden slats and plants growing wildly around its exterior. The ship was a project titled… Read more »

Registrar Interview: Andrea Phillips

This is part one of a two-part series featuring art museum registrars and the special challenges they face in working with site-specific and large-scale contemporary art pieces. Andrea Phillips is the Chief Registrar and Collections Manager at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri. Below she talks about how she came to be an… Read more »