About this publication

Exhibitions on the Cusp is for community, curators, and creators of art. To celebrate 20 years of the Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award (2018), this publication highlights each awarded exhibition and infuses new stories through monthly editions around a theme shaping contemporary art.  

Through blending stories of the past and present, Exhibitions on the Cusp seeks to advance social discourse in contemporary art and forge connections among artists, curators, institutions, and all other art audiences and consumers.

What’s the Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award?

The Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award is an art exhibition grant that offers curators the unique opportunity and creative freedom to research, redefine, and push new themes in contemporary art exhibitions.

The Exhibition Award was created in 1998 to honor the talent and artistic vision of distinguished contemporary art collector and advocate, Emily Hall Tremaine. Her passion for art and support of living artists inspired, challenged, and brought joy to those around her.

Through the competitive biennial application process, the Exhibition Award fuels Emily Tremaine’s trailblazing spirit by giving life to up to two thematic exhibitions of contemporary art that are fresh and experimental in nature.

What’s the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation?

The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation seeks and funds innovative projects that advance solutions to basic and enduring problems. With an overall emphasis on education, principally in the United States, this private family foundation takes an active role in three major areas: Art, Environment, and Learning Differences.