Topic: Museums

Staging Complex Art

This episode was originally posted on the Fresh Art International podcast. Today, we invite artists, curators, a media specialist, and an invigilator to talk about art that challenges the resources of traditional exhibition spaces. Their backstories reveal how building relationships—through eco-systems, architecture, choreography, media archaeology and virtual community engagement – make exceptional art encounters possible. Featured voices: Brian Sonia-Wallace, Sarah… Read more »

I am Here: Identity Museums and the Audiences They Serve

A museum carves and sculpts a cultural space for itself and its collection. Within its halls, a museum tells a story of the art pieces it displays, the artifacts it collects, the curatorial process it embodies. Such a mission can be as broad or as specific as befits the museum’s own calling. For many of… Read more »

Democratizing Art Through Exhibition: Work Ethic and Amateurs

To democratize art is to make it inclusive, to allow a wider audience to have access and participate.  Art is often a field that causes many feel excluded from, that they are outsiders who do not belong to this otherwise unreachable and untouchable world that is controlled by the elite few. The two exhibitions, Work… Read more »

Exhibitions as Experiences: Moving Beyond Object Display

Shipping estimates can be soul crushing. I say this as an art curator. For organizers of contemporary art shows at or for non-profits, the inevitable reality often is that this or that percentage of your total budget, or of that or this grant you received, must and will be spent on fine art couriers, insurance… Read more »

Meet The Innovators Harnessing Technology For Art Museums

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in NEW INC‘s blog, Stream. See the original version here. In the year 2017, the cultural sector en masse has staged some of the more remarkable experiences (and spectacles) in industry memory thanks to the unprecedented power of digital technology. But where the twenty-first century art museum is concerned, the… Read more »