Topic: Engaging the Viewer

When Art Surrounds: Exploring the Built Environment

Anna Kunz’s recent exhibition, Color Cast, at the Hyde Park Art Center surrounded visitors in a field of color that made one feel as if they were walking between the painted gestures of a large-scale painting. Draped across the space were large swaths of material painted in yellows, pinks, and reds that swayed with the… Read more »

Louise Lawler and Emily Hall Tremaine: Site-Unspecific Art

In the fall of 1983, Louise Lawler was given the opportunity to photograph the art in the New York apartment and the Connecticut home of the Tremaines. The results included a photograph of the bottom edge of Jackson Pollock’s Frieze and a soup tureen on a sideboard. Another showed Léger’s painting of three huge women,… Read more »

Christo’s Art of the Hidden and Transient

On the wall in the headquarters of the Tremaine Foundation hangs a lithograph by Christo of a little red wagon. A Radio Flyer, it is the iconic type of wagon children all across the nation have owned and treasured for one hundred years, pulling all manner of things in it, be it a friend, a… Read more »

Sparking Social Engagement

This episode was originally posted on the Fresh Art International podcast. Today, we take you to a place where art meets the world. We delve into art that connects with communities and environments, introducing curators and artists whose passion is social engagement. Their experiments in relational aesthetics—participatory performances, interactive installations, community events, and inside/outside exhibitions—invite… Read more »

Engaging Access within Museum and Gallery Spaces

Photo by Kiam Marcelo Junio. A group of people wearing colorful, geometric Rebirth Garments dance during one of their performances. In the foreground, a dancer in a wheelchair is wearing a long, hot pink dress. The floor is painted with blue and yellow squares and shapes.

From inside a pitch-black, 6 ft. by 6 ft. by 8 ft. chamber within a gallery, a train screeches, machines hum, a cane taps on linoleum floor. The sounds co-mingle as they make their way across the six speakers mounted in the small room. A powerful transducer speaker causes the lowest frequencies to rattle the… Read more »