Topic: Capitalism

Painting Toward Architecture: Bringing Art to Industry and Industry to Art

When the eminent art historian Robert Rosenblum was a graduate student at Yale in the late 1940s, he accidentally stumbled upon what seemed to be a catalog titled Painting Toward Architecture for a major exhibition of the same name then touring museums and galleries throughout the United States. He was stunned by what the book… Read more »

The Art of Capitalism

This episode was originally posted on the Fresh Art International podcast. Today, capitalism, also known as “the free market,” is linked to trade wars, massive student debt, entire countries going bankrupt, burgeoning virtual currencies and coded security systems. What does art have to say about our careening global economy? In abandoned bank buildings, failed urban development projects… Read more »

The Museum of Capitalism Isn’t Buying Our Prevailing Economic Model

Editor’s note: This essay originally appeared on Hyperallergic. Since Natufian people first put down roots in the city of Jericho 11,000 years ago, capitalism has been the prevailing economic regime for humans for less than three percent of the time. Yet, afflicted with chronocentrism, many contemporary cultures treat capitalism as the natural ordering of the… Read more »

Confessions of a Commodity Fetishist: The Carters, the Louvre, and the End of Art

I can’t think of a more triumphant testimony to the late art theorist Arthur Danto’s essay “After the End of Art” than the recent Ricky Saiz-directed music video “Apeshit.” In it, the Carters—a.k.a. Beyoncé and Jay-Z—pose haughtily in the Louvre, commanding the building in a manner true to its original function as a Crusades-era royal… Read more »