Welcome to Exhibitions on the Cusp!

This publication is for all creators, curators, and communities, and we hope you’ll share in making this space one of lively and relevant discourse on issues shaping contemporary art.

In that spirit, we’ve adopted a content plan that will evolve with your feedback and implemented site features that foster community.

Site Feedback

Even before the launch, we reached out to our community to hear more about what they wanted to read about contemporary art. On October 24, 2017 we held a content focus group at Hunter College, where curators, artists, art writers, and other art industry professionals were invited to learn more about our goals for Exhibitions on the Cusp and discuss the topics and perspectives they feel are important in shaping contemporary art.

You can read the full results below. It is currently an editable Google Document, and you are welcome to add comments.

Read the Results

There was lively discussion at the focus group, and we’re taking all of that feedback into account as we plan content for the coming year.

Site Features

We’ve implemented a robust commenting system where users can comment on specific paragraphs and at the end of posts. When you highlight over a paragraph in a post, you’ll see a grey thought bubble pop up allowing you to comment on that specific paragraph. The comment will also appear below the post and users can reply to comments as well.

Example of inline commenting feature.

We’ve also implemented easy ways for users to share content from the publication to their social media accounts. On all posts, you can highlight content and a sharing modal will pop up allowing you to share content to Twitter, Facebook, or through an email.

Example of highlight and share feature.

This is just the beginning of our exciting year, and we’re looking forward to sharing multiple perspectives from the contemporary art world with you.

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