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Today, we take you to a place where art meets the world. We delve into art that connects with communities and environments, introducing curators and artists whose passion is social engagement. Their experiments in relational aesthetics—participatory performances, interactive installations, community events, and inside/outside exhibitions—invite viewers to become co-creators, to take ownership in the creative process.

Curators Jochen Volz (São Paulo Biennial, Live Uncertainty, 2016), Susan Cross (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Material World, 2010-2011, The Workers, 2011-2012), James Voorhies (Bureau of Open Culture, MASS MoCA, The Workers) and Stephanie Smith (SMART Museum of Art, FEAST, 2012, and Institute for Contemporary Art, Richmond, Declaration, 2018) share their perspectives, as do artists William Pope.L (Baile, 2016), Theaster Gates (Soul Food Pavilion, 2012) and Marinella Senatore (Estman Radio, ongoing).

Yoshua Okon (B. 1970, Mexico City). “Canned Laughter”, 2009. Eight-channel video installation: projectors, monitors, two racks with uniforms, table, shelves, cans, lamps. On display in Building #4 the exhibition “The Workers” from May 29, 2011 to April 14, 2012. Photo courtesy MASS MoCA.

“Live Uncertainty,” São Paulo Biennial 2016. Photo courtesy Fresh Art International.

Alison Knowles, “Identical Lunch.” Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art, 2012, Smart Museum of Art. Photo courtesy Smart Museum of Art.

VCU professor Chioke I’Anson (L) interviews ICA staff member Daniel Reiner (R) in Marinella Senatore’s project Estman Radio: Richmond. Institute for Contemporary Art, Virginia Commonwealth University. Photo: Rob Carter.

Sound Editor: Anamnesis Audio

Special Audio:
William Pope.L, Baile, São Paulo Biennial
There Is Only Light (We Do Not Know What To Do With Other Worlds) performance-reading, July 2011, MASS MoCA. Produced by Bureau for Open Culture
Theaster Gates, FEAST, SMART Museum of Art, University of Chicago
Marinella Senatore and Estman Radio recording, courtesy Marinella Senatore and Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Contemporary Art

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