This episode was originally posted on the Fresh Art International podcast.

What happens outside the art scene inspires many of today’s curators, filmmakers and artists. They mine the conceptual depth of personal and communal rituals and routines. Community gardens, shared ride systems, public processionals, weathervanes, home improvement projects, live streaming radio and selfies on the internet are just a few of the subjects and sites of their research, commentary and engagement. Projects that elevate our view of the everyday reveal life as an art form—translating the mundane into the extraordinary.

Tap Tap, Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2018. Photo courtesy Fresh Art International.

André Eugene, E Pluribus Unum Museum 2018. Photo courtesy Fresh Art International.

Whithervanes, Miami 2018. Photo courtesy Fresh Art International.

Sound Editor: Anamnesis Audio

Special Audio: Camionnette Chérie, original sound by Claudette et Ti Pièrre; TET CHAJE, mix by Michelange Quay; David Walters, Mesi Bondye; Yosvany Terry, Conga Reversible

Header image: Los Carpinteros, Conga Irreversible, Tide by Side processional event, Faena District, Miami Beach, 2016. Photo Jorge Miño, courtesy Faena Art

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