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I am Here: Identity Museums and the Audiences They Serve

A museum carves and sculpts a cultural space for itself and its collection. Within its halls, a museum tells a story of the art pieces it displays, the artifacts it collects, the curatorial process it embodies. Such a mission can be as broad or as specific as befits the museum’s own calling. For many of… Read more »

The Art of Capitalism

This episode was originally posted on the Fresh Art International podcast. Today, capitalism, also known as “the free market,” is linked to trade wars, massive student debt, entire countries going bankrupt, burgeoning virtual currencies and coded security systems. What does art have to say about our careening global economy? In abandoned bank buildings, failed urban development projects… Read more »

The Museum of Capitalism Isn’t Buying Our Prevailing Economic Model

Editor’s note: This essay originally appeared on Hyperallergic. Since Natufian people first put down roots in the city of Jericho 11,000 years ago, capitalism has been the prevailing economic regime for humans for less than three percent of the time. Yet, afflicted with chronocentrism, many contemporary cultures treat capitalism as the natural ordering of the… Read more »

Art of the Everyday

This episode was originally posted on the Fresh Art International podcast. What happens outside the art scene inspires many of today’s curators, filmmakers and artists. They mine the conceptual depth of personal and communal rituals and routines. Community gardens, shared ride systems, public processionals, weathervanes, home improvement projects, live streaming radio and selfies on the internet are… Read more »

Engaging Access within Museum and Gallery Spaces

Photo by Kiam Marcelo Junio. A group of people wearing colorful, geometric Rebirth Garments dance during one of their performances. In the foreground, a dancer in a wheelchair is wearing a long, hot pink dress. The floor is painted with blue and yellow squares and shapes.

From inside a pitch-black, 6 ft. by 6 ft. by 8 ft. chamber within a gallery, a train screeches, machines hum, a cane taps on linoleum floor. The sounds co-mingle as they make their way across the six speakers mounted in the small room. A powerful transducer speaker causes the lowest frequencies to rattle the… Read more »

How Independent Curators Power the Art World

Editor’s note: This is a re-post of a podcast episode by Artsy. Almost everything can be “curated” these days—playlists, outfits, gift baskets, even salads. So what does it really mean to be an independent curator? On this episode, we’re joined by curator Jacqueline Mabey to discuss the ups and downs of a career that’s not… Read more »

Art and the Rising Sea

Editor’s note: This is a repost of a podcast episode by Fresh Art International. On this live streaming radio program, we consider how artists, curators, architects and writers are responding to climate change in South Florida. King tides, flooding and eroding beaches are now part of everyday life. Our guests reveal how the rising sea has… Read more »

Meet The Innovators Harnessing Technology For Art Museums

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in NEW INC‘s blog, Stream. See the original version here. In the year 2017, the cultural sector en masse has staged some of the more remarkable experiences (and spectacles) in industry memory thanks to the unprecedented power of digital technology. But where the twenty-first century art museum is concerned, the… Read more »

Registrar Interview: Andrea Phillips

This is part one of a two-part series featuring art museum registrars and the special challenges they face in working with site-specific and large-scale contemporary art pieces. Andrea Phillips is the Chief Registrar and Collections Manager at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri. Below she talks about how she came to be an… Read more »

Registrar Interview: Ariana Webber

This is part two of a two-part series featuring art museum registrars and the special challenges they face in working with site-specific and large-scale contemporary art pieces. Ariana Webber is the Registrar for Exhibitions at the MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, MA. Below she talks about campus hacking culture, loan agreements for performance… Read more »

Letter from the President of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

Dear readers, contributors, and idea generators, Welcome to Exhibitions on the Cusp!  This year-long platform celebrates and explores curators, creators, and connected communities.  The Cusp is curious about the evolving, intersecting, and blurring roles in the advancement of contemporary art.  It is also eager to understand the position of curators in our cultural and community… Read more »

What to Expect from Exhibitions on the Cusp

Welcome to Exhibitions on the Cusp! This publication is for all creators, curators, and communities, and we hope you’ll share in making this space one of lively and relevant discourse on issues shaping contemporary art. In that spirit, we’ve adopted a content plan that will evolve with your feedback and implemented site features that foster… Read more »